AMD Ryzen 7 all The Details | Official Launch

AMD Ryzen 7 all The Details | Official Launch

And finally amd has revealed its new lineup Ryzen.As they say that it can easyly beat Intel chips.Previeous processos from AMD was so disappointing. and can only be used to low end computers. But now ryzen has a boost of 52 pecent in instructions per cycle (ipc) from the last processors.. lets see what we got in ryzen new ryzen 7 is mostly going to compete with intels i7 lineup. Ryzen 7 consist of three processors each with eight cores and 16 threads. .We have 24 pcie lanes from rygen cpus. And they are ryzen 7 1700 , ryzen 7 1700x and the flagship ryzen 7 1800x.We will have to wait a little longer for full details about these new processors.Its february 25 and ryzen 7 is now available for pre order. You can pre-order from all of the known retail outlets.You can find those links in the description.

ryzen 7 1800x will be the fast 8 core 16 thread processor that can beat intels fllagship cpu i7 6900k for only 499 usd. rygen 7 1800x have a base clock of and can be boosted easily up to 4 ghz. bt accually we can have more boost with xfr or extended frequency range. 1800x is a 95 watt cpu.the 1700X has a clock of 3.4GHz and can be boosted up to 3.8GHz, and the 1700 base a base clock 3.0GHz can be boosted up to 3.7GHz . we have seen that amd has compared 1800x against intels 1000 dollar cpu i7 6900k. if you talk about rygen 7 1700. this is the lowest 8 core 16 threads process with significantly lower tdp of 65 watt.and has price tag of 329 . we can easyly compare it with intels 4 core 8 thread cpu i7 7700k.ryzen 7 1700 CPU will include a race spire cooler but it is not offers to the 1700x and 1800x.

as they say rygen 1700x can perform 4% faster than a intels i7 6900k and 39% faster than a intel i7 6800k in cinebench multi threaded .Amd says that rygen 1800x is the fastest 8 core 16 threaded processor in the market.if you look at the single threaded performance then the ryzen 7 1800x beats i7 6900k by 9%.IF you are video editor then more cores and more threads can help you to render 4k videos a lot faster.

now we are going to look at some gaming demos . (14.00) in the lef t hand side we have intels i7 6900k and on the right hand side we have new ryzen 7 1800x. they both have dual radeon rx 480 in crossfire. and as we can see they have pretty same frame rates per second. i think ryzen is really very useful for content creators. because editing loves more cores and more threads. now we will be looking at a render process of handbrake. those who don’t know what handbrake is chechk the description for more info. In handbrake we are going to convert a 4k 60 fps file to 1080p 30 fps file. (15:20) in the left hand side we have intels i7 6900k and on the right hand side we have ryzen 7 1800x ..

as you can see that ryzen 7 1800x has finished converting and intel have not finished it yet. and after 10 seconds it has finally finished it. NOw we are going to look at cinebench 3d benchmark test. On the left hand side we have intel and on the right hand side we have amd. (10:55). and as you can see in this case 1800x has finished rendering before the 6900k.Amd will release these 3 new processors in the 2n march worldwide..

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