Can You Expand a Closed Loop CPU Cooler? – Probing Paul #7

Can You Expand a Closed Loop CPU Cooler? – Probing Paul #7

What’s up guys welcome back to Paul’s hardware this is probing Paul my monthly Q&A series that i usually do towards the end of every month this is episode number 7 and this is for august of 2016 it is getting late in the summer and I’ve been traveling this month’s but i cannot neglect probing Paul So uh, let’s start off with a look back through the sands of time look at how tiny Kyle’s little picture is getting down there, very, so small anyway those are all the previous probing Paul’s let’s get started with the first question this one comes from Prence and this was posted on last month’s video so if you guys want to ask me questions for this month post them in this month’s videos comment section question to ask can you turn a closed-loop water cooler into an open water cooler or a custom loop you might say I have a closed water cooler and I wonder if it’s possible to use a pump and water block for an open water cooler kind of tight on money right now I’d like to use as much as I can for my closed system on a new open system the answer is yes you can in some situations but it can vary, now I have a couple actual choices, or things that I’ve done here in the past let’s start off with what I think you probably have which is something like one of these right here is the thermaltake water this is a basic ace tech oem’s closed-loop cooler comes the pump block combo here and these sort of standardized set types of closed-loop cooling connectors these are fixed and they’re not really meant to be removed yes they can be removed yes they can be reused I’ve seen it done but it’s very difficult and you’re going to be dealing with questions about the seals going on there and it’s just not the best idea these are kind of close then they’re meant to stay close that’s not to say that you know options for this though if you if you want to do it so here is the radiator still kind of dusty from a swiftech h220 HD 20x whichever this one was this one has barbed fittings on the end and this one is made to be expandable what happened here was the pump failed causing me no small amount of heartache and then I basically removed the tubing via the tool plant fittings there in the end and i was able to have this radiator which I now use to like say look at 240 millimeter radiator fit so that kind of thing or it’s a copper radiator which is still very nice and just the pump networking doesn’t mean the radiator has anything wrong with it also you notice as a fill port on there and that is kind of important for topping things off continuing along though I have some suggestions for you if you really want to buy something new i I’m assuming you already have one but fractal for instance has expandable loop so this is the Kelvin coolers difficult to get in the US but elsewhere it’s a little bit more easy to find these have g one corner fittings on the end so that basically makes it a lot easier to replace these adapters if you need to another one that has standardized g1 corner fittings is the alphacool iceberg used to be made and sold through coolermaster but now I think it’s just met a local product again you can remove the things and replace them if you want to or they just a little bit easier to swap out because they’re that g one quarter standard EK also makes the xlc predator this one’s cool because it actually has a quick disconnect in the middle so you can use that quick disconnect to like disconnect easily and then loop in another part of part to the system assuming you get other quick disconnects that are compatible and that is a great option as well i actually just built this system behind me this test bed i use the fractal cooler and i was able to i didn’t expand it but i had to remove the fittings from it and sort of two to feed them through and definitely having replaceable removable fittings very helpful for that anyway thank you for the question next question though from Shaun roots will you make an all AMD pc sometime this is a good question a timely question considering that i just also posted a video with his first look at AMD Zen this was actually from last week at eight that’s supposed to be muted from last week they had some new announcements about Zen they had some architecture details actually coming pretty strong with US they’ll set aside by side comparison of a Zen vs 6900 k which should be taken with a grain of salt but looked promising all that is to say that yes I’m very excited about making an all AMD system especially now that we got the new radeon RX cards are exported i think is a very good card i won’t build one now though because i am poor isn’t much that’s really what i’m waiting for socket and four is going to be the new socket for both AMD apu use as well as AMD CPUs ap’s have integrated graphics cpus do nots and the Bristol ridge chip that were that they’re talking about here should be an eight-course 16th Red Sox came for cpu without an integrated GPU as far as we know and it should be really cool option so something like that combined with like a new Vega GPU that we’re also hopefully going to see by the end of this year would be really exciting built to do all that said I don’t see myself doing one anytime soon until I can get my hands on aim for motherboard for more on that lets go to the next question look at i typed these two together somehow Jose Vasquez says wait so current AMD CPUs and GPUs will work with the new am for motherboards a very good question and I think there’s going to be some confusion here but i will explain the to the best of my knowledge what I know so far right so current AMD CPUs and AP use current generation that slot into socket am3 motherboards am3+ motherboards or FM two plus motherboards two different types of sockets all use the same cpu microarchitecture it’s all based on the original boulders your chip bulldozer microarchitecture that they started i think in twenty ten or twenty eleven when the 8150 launch everything since then has been different iterations refinements to that same cpu microarchitecture it still 32 nanometer I believe but even the most recent chips are based on excavator those are just refinements of what’s going on so what we’re going to see when I am 4 launches is an initial offering of motherboards are so we’re told so we’re expecting that rm4 and that will slot in current generation AP use not on the knot with the same socket those so you will need a new APU you’re not gonna be able by an AP right now that’s fm2 plus and then slotted into an AM am for motherboard so when I am 4 launches what you will have his current cpu microarchitecture based AP use least that’s what we’re expecting based on probably excavator cores with some sperm you know maybe a Polaris GPU in there something like that that’d be cool but those will not be using zet and then maybe at the same time or maybe later on down the road we will see Zen cpus maybe even a pues was of course in them as well new microarchitecture new am-4 socket but you’ll still have apparently other am-4 based previous generation microarchitecture AP is also available i hope that makes some sense but what I think going back to the previous question i will plan on doing is named for launches with an APU current-gen i’ll do a new update on maybe it maybe a budget build on that or something but were more reasonably priced like an fx our x 480 and then further down the line when actually launches hopefully by the end of this year we have zen-like hopefully really good performing cpus something like that with a vega GPU I’ll totally do and as long as everything you know launches as we’re expecting then then yeah you should be seeing that for me as well alright let’s try to rip through some more of these questions anyhow asks in the future ultra-wide benchmark videos can you upload them and 21 by 9 aspect ratio yes maybe I’ve had different thoughts on that I think what I might do is 4k with the 21 by nine sort of embedded in 4k i might upload native 21 by nine but it really cuts down on the number of people who are who could watch those videos i know people who already have a 21 by nine monitor it’s really cool watch that format but I’m what I’m trying to do is get people into that format so if you have a 16 by 9 and you have to watch a 21-2 just you can’t see quite as much so yes I will take that into account and perhaps perhaps just how i do things in the future what I really need to do is start doing everything in 4k anyway frequency asks would you use liquid metal as thermal paste for GPU and or cpu yes totally what a liquid metal thermal paste is often touted as some of the best options that are out there often works little bit better than synthetic stuff you have to worry about connectivity so using too much and spreading over the sides as a little bit more of a concern in that aspect also that I don’t usually I’m not usually nitpicky about thermal paste simply because usually from the best thermal paste you can get to like the corner sort of mediocre crappy stuff is a difference of two three maybe four or five degrees celsius which isn’t a huge difference and I don’t have them go like the min-max route of trying to get the best of the best of the best possible of everything and go for maximum overclocks so for that reason I’m not as picky about the thermal paste but that’s no reason not to use it just remember it’s conductive moron soldier asks hey Paul what’s that keyboard you’ve got there I mean the one you’re using in the video the one in the background i have a few here so this is a corsair k90 five old-school red switches this is actually the keyboard that I used in my how to clean a keyboard video which is one of the more popular videos I’ve been and it still works although i’m moving around all my questions right now there’s only like one key that’s still a little sticky 0u that’s just one of them though there’s also that this one this is the master keys pro LOL from coolermaster RGB and all that good stuff that’s a nice one and then my floater keyboard is this one right here which is starting to get a little bit dusty and dirty which is a quickfire rapid I also from coolermaster and I just like it small so if i set up a system i can just plug it in or sometimes i use this down below me on the floor to control the teleprompter with my toe but I’m not doing that today alright yo10 ninja asks hey Paul for the next episode can you answer this was a good introductory camera and set up to get i would like to make tech videos like minor Linus’s RJ’s or any large tech tubers alright so if you’re just starting out it’s difficult for me to say you should invest you know a thousand dollars in a camera or something like that which is was originally what I was going to say get a gh4 huge for is really nice but actually what i would suggest is to start out with something like cell phone because cell phone cameras as long as it can do like 1080 video anything that’s come on the past 23 years can be pretty decent granted some of them have much better optics than others but it’s a quick way to get yourself off the ground they have good storage some can even do 4k and you know you can just .

It’s tough and start making your videos before you take the next step of investing in a camera that said if you are thinking about investing in a camera i will tell you some of the actual features that I look for and of course i’m using my gh4 to show you alright so one thing I really think you should consider if you are doing YouTube videos and especially if you’re filming yourself as a flip-out screen that way when you’re filming yourself you can see what you’re filming and you don’t have to like go back behind it or he’s a while wireless thing or something like that having a audio inputs is going to be very important of more you do video the more you realize audio is often overlooked and having a good audio solution can really improve your quality you can record separately but being able to just plug it in and record straight the cameras very important also really like having an hdmi out a clean hdmi out that you can use live that’s what i’m using right now to capture all this right now with my other gh4 and those are just things i keep my eye out for next from Justin Murray what’s the wrist rest you’re using and haven’t tried or the ergonomic mice and I can do a head-to-toe ergonomic setup video or something like that I haven’t really considered the full economic video or anything but this you’re wondering is what is this it’s handstands handstands yeah i got this on amazon based on reviews i really like it so far in China but it’s got microbeads in there and I got it because people are like oh you can like make a little hole and remove some of the microbeads if it’s like you know if it’s got too much support but mainly I like having my wrist straight when I’m using the mouse you know you got to try to keep this plane straight as long as I do that I typically don’t get too much fatigued or anything also you know generally good practices like keeping the back straight and the feet flat on the floor and all that good stuff is important as well yeah I like this distress and i’ll post the amazon link to it down in the description if you guys want to check it out couple more questions didn’t van union says between a 6900 k and 59 60 x which will you choose that both a cord that both have similar performance they are both similarly priced if I am not mistaken here’s the 6900 k thousand eleven hundred bucks right now on newegg here’s the 59 60 x well 1016 so it’s about a 285 dollars cheaper I would still say just go with the 6900 k because you already spent a thousand dollars relatively speaking 80 bucks more it’s really not that big of a difference Broadwell e is going to be faster on instructions per clock level granted you potentially might have better overclocking with 59 60 x but that really is going to vary on a chip by chip basis and honestly if I was just buying one of these straight up right now I just I just sack up and go for the 6900 cake because it’s you know it’s it’s a little bit better little bit better and why would you but why would you spend a thousand dollars on a processor and not get the best processor you could because you don’t want to spend seventeen hundred dollars on a 69 50x that would probably be a good answer to that question Jack’s mcintosh says the thumbscrew logo on your shirt is there any meaning behind it is just a thumbscrew i don’t i’m not wearing the shirt right now but i have it on my fancy mug right here my thumb screw logo i really like i wanted something that was simple and hopefully slightly iconic and that represented pc building to some degree without being like a graphics card or something I guess what there’s a backstory we go back to my one of my earlier power supplies and one of my first one my earlier custom-built systems a pc power and cooling I forget why i don’t think i had to have the power supply replaced i forget why but i had to get in touch with pc power and cooling and they’re just really nice and really good service they’ve been bought and sold since them but i still like pc power and cooling but they sent me a little a little envelope with like four thumbscrews as the first thumbscrews I’d have a pc just like this is so much better they were like brass you know i think i might stall them around somewhere anyway that’s that’s as much of a backstory that can come up with for my thumb screw logo maybe 2 .

1 gigahertz along Oh God see see what happens you’ve upset the dogs i was i only only sketched out for half a second that that Hero was gonna knock my camera over finally this is my p.o box if you guys want to send me stuff 4325 diamond bar California and I i promise i’ll check it soon and then we usually do mail time on the live show so I that’s when we actually open those things anyway guys thank you for watching this video I hope you enjoyed it hit the thumbs-up button leave me more questions in the comments section down below if you want me to answer your questions next month also check out my story can buy t-shirts mugs spin classes all that good stuff links are in the description and as always thank you for watching.

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