DSLR Camera Stabilizer for Under $5 (Part 1: PREP) – Homemade Film School

DSLR Camera Stabilizer for Under $5 (Part 1: PREP) – Homemade Film School

>> Dustin: Welcome to the special edition of Homemade Movies. I’m gonna be showing you step by step how to make your very own square handheld camera rig for around $5. >> [MUSIC] [SOUND] >> Dustin: This rig can come in really handy while you’re shooting handheld stuff because most DSLRs aren’t that easy easy to get a good grip on. Cameras that were made specifically for video have a nice huge handle on the on top, so you can just run around with this things but I’m always afraid that my DSLR is gonna slip right out of my hands.

So, this rig will gives you lots of options and places to hold on to your precious camera. >> [SOUND] >> Dustin: This rig is commonly referred to as a Fig Rig and the official version sold by Manfrotto runs a little over $300. So I’m gonna show you a quick, easy way to build your own without breaking the bank. I’d say the difficulty level on this build is easy and it should take you around 30 minutes or less. [SOUND] First up is the prep, I’m gonna show you everything you [SOUND] need to buy to build your own rig, but if you wanna skip ahead to [SOUND] the build section or the [SOUND] test section, you can click on the annotations or the links below but for now, let’s go shopping. [SOUND] All right so we’ve got everything from my local hardware store, this is mostly gonna be PVC parts which makes it really easy. So here’s a look at all the essential gear you’ll gonna need to put this all together [SOUND]. A drill, a quarter-inch drill bit, a rubber mallet if you happen to have one, if not, it’s okay, PVC glue, a tape measure and a PVC cutter or some kind of hacksaw [SOUND].

I do recommend picking a pair of these PVC cutters if you don’t already have them, they make it really easy to work with PVC, you just snip right through it. I think, I got this for maybe five bucks a while back but if you don’t have one of those, you can use any kind of small hacksaw like this one, it just takes a little bit longer. So, here’s all the parts I’ve picked up to make this rig, 3/4″ inch PVC pipe, you need at least 4 feet long, four elbows, these need to fit our 3/4″ inch pipe, be careful not to grab the half inch elbows. Two T-joints, 1/4″ inch machine screw, 3″ inches in length and 1/4″ inch machine screw, 2″ inches in length and 2/4″ inch wing nuts [SOUND]. So that’s everything you need. My hardware store did sell this in exactly a 4″ foot piece, which is really handy but if they only sell longer ones, that’s fine too. It’s still really, really cheap, and you can use the extra for some other rig. So in part two [SOUND], I’m gonna show you how to put it all together and if you wanna skip ahead [SOUND] and see the rig in action, go to part three.

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