How to Overclock CPU Easily in 2 Minutes

How to Overclock CPU Easily in 2 Minutes

Hi, my name is Lusin and this is how to overclock your cpu easily. It is very simple but only a small percentage of PC users know about it so enough chit-chat and lets get started. We need to find the Overclocking program on your computer, it’s hidden very well so that’s why no one knows about it. To find it, click on the start button, file explorer, and click on the drive that your operating system is installed on, for most people, that will be the C: drive. Go to windows folder, And we are trying to find the Overclock Folder. (Give Lusin a few seconds to find the folder) Lusin found it! Ha! Open the folder inside and you will find the overclocker.

Now run the program. So here is our overclocker. This tab shows our processor information. As you can see, I’m using an AMD FX 8350. It’s a really good processor for the price and has 8 cores. Since it has so many computing cores, it really helps with things like video editing, 3D modeling and rendering. Whatever takes advantage of using more processing cores. Caches-I have no idea what this means Overclock – this is the one we want but please be patient, I’ll come back to that because I want to fully introduce this program to you before we get down to business. The mainboard is information about my motherboard There’s nothing to say about it. This tab is an important one. It’s for calculating how powerful your processor is and I’m going to use for comparing my 8350’s stock speed to it’s overclocked speed.

The About tab is about the idiots behind this software. Nothing special. Lets get back to the overclock tab. My AMD FX 8350 is currently at it’s 4 GHz stock speed. Lets overclock it because I want double the performance. 8 GHz would be the max I would recommend overclocking if you are using an air cooler. If you are liquid cooling, my recommendation would be around 15 GHz but since I’m not using a liquid cooler, lets stick with 8. Don’t forget to click save changes, you fool. Lets proceed to bench my newly overclocked CPU. This may take a while so I’ll play guitar to distract myself. (Try to guess the song) Oh wow! That was fast! This is some good software. Whoever made it is a genius! Here is my score: In single threaded applications, I got a score of 2425 and a FANTASTIC score of 15330 in multithread, as expected of an 8350.

Now lets compare the overclock score to my stock score. Oh my goodness. As you see, we have double the score in both single and multi-threaded applications. I have effectively doubled the performance of my computer and you now know how to do it too. Please like and subscribe if I helped you out. Leave any of your thoughts in the comments and share friends to help them double their computer speed. I’ll see you in my video, bye..

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