The Athlon 5150 | AMD Kabini APUs

The Athlon 5150 | AMD Kabini APUs

So you may be wondering why I am treading into the waters of the Kabini processors from AMD And really, I don’t know, they’re cheap. So, Kabini is AMD’s low priced APU’s which have a very very low TPD, which is a surprise for AMD And, with built in graphics, and get this a few of them are full on quad cores! For how much? Under $40 in some cases. Well, are you interested yet? Whats the catch? Expensive motherboards? Nope! Those are very cheap as well. Well, its the clock speed.

They are clocked way too low for todays standards. So, here’s a list of AMD’s Kabini processors. The Athlon 2650, two cores at GHz for 20 dollars, and not terrible. The 3850, four cores at GHz, almost $40. The 5150, which is what I have for you today. Four Cores, GHz. The Athlon 5350 four cores at Ghz, which used to be the top tier Kabini APU, and also around $40. But recently, AMD came out with the 5370, four cores at GHz.

Still very low. Our chip, as I mentioned is the Athlon 5150 with four proccessing cores. Each clocked at GHz with 2 MB of L2 Cache, and a TDP of 25 watts. That’s super low. And you can actually run this passively cooled with the aftermarket heatsinks I have seen for this. Part of what makes this a good deal is the built in Radeon R3 Graphics, clocked at 600 MHz, now thats nothing to brag about, but it does mean you can run this chip without a dedicated graphics card. Now, what would make these chips a great bargain is if you could overclock them. Well, what if I told you there was a way. Apparently there is a BIOS update for the Asus AM1-A, which allows you to overclock, unfortunately I don’t have that board here today. I have the MSI AM1M, the board does not have too many bells and whistles, the I/O is not terrible, four USB ports, two USB ports, HDMI, DVI, VGA for your display outs. Gigabit ethernet and basic audio. A single PCI-E 16x slot, Gen 2. And two PCI-E 1x slots. Only two SATA 3 ports. Kind of a bummer there.

And lastly, two DIMM Slots for up to 16 GB of 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM. That sucks for the fact that AMD APU’s can typically take advantage of higher clocked memory. However, this will not be able to. Something that bothers me, is that the placement of the USB header is smack-dab in the middle of the board. A way that this chipset and these chips themselves are able to distinguish themselves from the rest of AMD is the mounting.

And its not AMD’s mounting they have been sticking to for years, it’s instead two holes diagonal from each-other, and this makes it a tad harder to find an aftermarket cooling solution which won’t be a problem unless the noise gets to you. With these little chips, come a little heatsink with a tiny fan and a tiny fan’s are usually loud. Part of me finding out this chips real value will include needing to test games. I know this isn’t really meant to be for gaming, but come on. Like that stopped me in the past The system I will be running contains an Athlon 5150, the MSI AM1M, 8gb of GSKILL Ares RAM, which would usually be clocked at 2133 MHz, but they will be limited to 1600 MHz here. A Crucial BX-100 250 GB SSD for the boot drive, and lastly a generic 300w power supply, because this system will pull only over 100w. So, lets go ahead and run some games, and see how this thing runs. So at Tomb Raider 2013, Low 720p, we are getting only an average of FPS at the lowest settings.

That is not playable. Next, CSGO, lowest settings at 720p. An average of FPS, I can’t say that’s playable either. Especially for Counter-Strike Morrowind, in Ballmorah at 1024 by 768, FPS Average. Not playable. Rocket League, lowest settings at 720p. Oh geez. Well, there’s are trend here. FPS. Not playable. The Escapists at 1080p. FPS average. Now, thats not terrible, its an easy game to run, and you don’t need high fps for that, so I would say thats sorta playable. Next, Trine. Very Low 720p. FPS Average. I would say that is moderately playable.

But it is very low settings, but its not that bad of a playing experience. Next, Left For Dead 2. 720p at lowest settings. FPS. It’s not exactly playable, but I was able to play through dead center. Next, Team Fortress 2. Low settings, 720p we get FPS, still not exactly playable. Now then we have Minecraft. With 8 chunks I think, lowest settings, 720p. 69 FPS Average, and a minimum of 17. So it was playable, I built a house and some stuff and sure. Next, lets get to playable games, games that were playable. Delver. 1080p, high settings. FPS AVG, that’s very good. Then, Castle Crashers. High settings 1080p. 60 FPS average, 59 minimum. So that was pretty much a solid game. Half Life 1080p. 58 FPS. Ahhhhh, I’m pretty sure everyone could see that coming as a really playable game. That’s a very, very old game. Then we have Super Meat Boy, 1080p, and I think VSync might have been enabled, or capped the refresh rate, because I seemed to be stuck at 30 FPS, I couldn’t really change that, even though it looked like there was a way beyond that, looks like it was some VSync enabled.

Lastly, for a synthetic benchmark, it was Cinebench. It got 125 CB. Which is not great, but lets be honest, its fine for a forty dollar chip. So even if you aren’t looking to game, this system can be bought for under $200, and is perfectly fine for an office PC You know, for like Word Documents, and Spotify, and other light things. Youtube? But, it’s not for gaming, so don’t say in the comments about how bad a deal it is for gaming. I already said that here. This processor could have definitely taken advantage of higher clock speeds, like the higher up models, which don’t cost a lot more, especially since they dropped in price. I honestly think that this is a decent processor, and I will incorporate it into a build in the future, so look out for that. And I will see you guys next time.

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