The Desktop Reinvented – Pavilion Wave from HP Studios

The Desktop Reinvented – Pavilion Wave from HP Studios

[MUSIC] When your desktop talks to you, when it listens, when it paves the way to the experience of a new kind of connection, is it still a desktop? [MUSIC] Unlike anything that came before it, the HP Pavilion Wave is the embodiment of do everything performance, amplified by scientifically advanced sound design, in the most radical reinvention of a desktop ever dared. Performance is driven by top end Intel Core processors, making this an uncommonly capable device that everyone at home can use for absolutely anything, browsing and shopping, to social media and productivity apps, to video and image editing. There is also an optional discrete graphics card for powerhouse graphics, with all the visual impact users today are looking for. Without compromising the desktop specs, we made it small and light enough to move from room-to-room. It’s also got all the connectivity you need to make it work with anything you want it to. Front facing USB, an audio jack, along with USB 3.0, USB Type C, an HDMI port, and an SD card reader in the rear.

Strategically placed microphones precisely leverage its ability to listen to commands and queries through Cortana. Moreover, it delivers razor clarity for video conferencing and Skype calling. To make it a streaming media machine was a defining part of our mission, and audio is such an integral part of that experience. With reflective, multi-directional audio, custom tuned in collaboration with experts at B&O PLAY, we architected a driver that propels sound through the small form factor tower, sending it out with volume, range, and substance that can rule a whole room. The woven fabric skin, the speaker stem, and the triangular form, every feature designed to move it beyond a mere desktop, to a higher functioning home computer.


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