Voyo VBook V3 Review [4k]: Apollo Lake N4200 Pentium Processor!

Voyo VBook V3 Review [4k]: Apollo Lake N4200 Pentium Processor!

Hey guys what’s up Zi here with Zi Reviws Tech and I have on the table because its too big to fit in my hands, this is the 4th version of Voyo’s best selling laptop, the Apollo Lake Celeron Voyo VBook V3. So the Voyo VBook V3 has been improved, you have the new Intel Apollo Lake Celeron N4200 processor, a 12,000mAh battery, and a 128GB M.2 SSD and a 32GB eMMC drive a strange combination, usually its just one or the other. The Apollo Lake Celeron should be at least twice as fast as the old Atom processors and close-ish compared to Core Ms at least in basic stuff. I’m pretty exited to test out the new Celeron devices so let’s get right into it.

This laptop is honestly kinda big and heavy. to be fair i’ve been using my Xiaomi Air 12 which is small and light, but on the plus side the laptop feels pretty durable as well. The laptop is made of a nice soft touch rubber which doesn’t feel super premium like a Macbook but it diefintely doesn’t feel cheap either and if you live in a cold country, its not as shocking when you first put your hands on the laptop. You have two USB ports a mciroSD card slot as wel as a Mini HDMI port. because you can turn this laptop into a tablet there are also power and volume buttons on the left side and a keyboard lock switch as well.

so when you open the laptop up there’s a lot of bezel. I really don’t like how much bezel there is because it makes this laptop look dated. the screen can rotate a full 360 degrees and will be useful to quite a few people but me perseonally its just a gimmick that i don’t really use. so let’s talk about the ways you can interact with this device, there’s 4 methods, the keyboard, trackpad, touchscreen, and stylus. the keyboard is plastic, the travel is pretty decent and overall its not a bad keyboard but it does lack the premium feel of other more expensive laptops.

the trackpad is surprisingly decent. accuracy is good when using one finger, and two finger scrolling the most important gesture works well, but there is a lot less inertia than on Macbooks. the touchscreen is good but its not as sensitive as the iPad or surface but still more than good enough for ever yday use. The stylus does not support pressure senstivty so its more like a really good capacitive stylus for taking notes.

even then its not that great an experience because if you don’t lift the stylus far enough off the screen it just keeps on witing, making anything you write into a super curvy mess. so the screen, we have here a 1080p IPS screen, 13.3″ so definitely good, the screen is actually quite decent in terms of colour and saturation, its cooler than other screens but still looks good. The max brightness goes up to around 300 nits which is good enough for outdoor use but not under sunlight. There is also a screen protector preinstalled which i don’t ecommend you take off or the pen might scratch teh screen. we have two downward firing speakers which are not the most ideal place to put laptop speakers, it gets muffled eaily if you use it on your lap so its best to use it on a hard surface. so audio quait is actually not bad, there is a decent amount of bass and audio is quite clear as well which is definitely impressive for this laptop.

However volume isn’t very high so its hard to hear even over some cooking. I was the most worried about battery life because i had no idea what to expect from the new apollo lake processors. Yes you have a 12,000mah battery which is slightly bigger than previous generations of this laptop but the celeron processor is also a lot more power hngry than atom processors. so i was able to get around 8 hours of use which is slightly behind atom laptops but also slightly better than Core M devices.

I was mostly web browsing, checking email and typing out word documents while watching some occasional YouTube. I was able to play back video for around 8 hours and 20 minutes as well. Unless you are super intense this laptop should be able to get you thorughout a day of light use, no gaming, no video editing, just word documents, TV, and web browsing. I didnt know what to expect from the performance of this laptop, its definitely going to be better than an atom processor, but how far is the questino. So surprisingly in basic tasks like Chrome, documents, oepning and closing light apps, the Celeron is as fast as the Core M. there is a 128GB M.2 SSD by foresee and a 32GB eMMC as well, i’m not sure why there’s both, but windows is installed on the SSD.

So surprisingly i was able to GIMP or photoshop very well, anythig that wasn’t applying filters which is cpu intensive was pretty much no lag at all. and most impressive of all i was able to edit 1080p video using davinci resolve, exporting it took super long but i was so impressed that i could edit video like that. gaming wise the celeron was able to game quite a bit better than the atom. I wa sable to run Dota2 at around 25-30fps at 1080p on lowest which is impressive. i was able to run dota2 at around 40fps at 1080p on lowest which is impressive. i was able to run dota2 at around 40fps at 720p which was impressive. i could also play call of duty at 720p at around 25-30fps as well. I ran a couple of benchmarks, i ran geekbench and it got a pretty good single and multicore score, cinebench was not that great at aroun 125cb, and octane got average scores as well. But all these scores are stil way above waht the atom gets. overall i’m quite impressed with the speed of the celeron, it definitely outpaces the atom by quite a bit.

connecitvity wise the usb ports can power a portable hard drive with some decent copy speeds as well. Overall the celeron version of the voyo vbook v3 is a good laptop. Sure its heavy and kind of big, and the audio isn’ the loudest either, but in exchange you get some real decent performance out of the celeron and some decent battery life as well. I must say that this apollo lake celeron for light users is for al intents and purposes a core m processor there is very little difference well apart from 4K in chrome.

However, the biggest issue i have is the price, its $400 which is pretty much the price of some Core M devices on sale, which at that price you might as well buy a Core M tablet or laptop, but once the price goes down, it will be a great option. Thanks so much for watching, be sure to like and subscribe and i’ll see you in the next one..

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