$10K MacPro or $10K 56-thread Ultimate PC Workstation

$10K MacPro or $10K 56-thread Ultimate PC Workstation

Jony? OK… This started silly, and you know how it is going to end. Before I begin, I am recording this on microsoft hololens and this video and benchmarks are for my personal pleasure. I just need to know what will save me time in the future projects. Base for this comparison is the price. I’m trying to answer the question: if you are the jack of all trades and have ten thousand dollars for an ultimate and complete workstation which one would let you complete all your jobs faster? For ten thousand dollars we could purchase eight core mac pro with to AMD firepro d500 GPUs, 64 gigabytes of ECC RAM, and 512 gigabyte solid-state drive.

Since it will be used for 4k video editing and 512 GB can fit only a few minutes of 4k video in highest quality, we had to get RAID. We got the cheapest Thunderbolt 2 OWC ThunderBay 4 RAID for 650 dollars. It is a soft RAID, but Promise RAID from Apple’s website was $1600 and that was almost $1000 more. we also got 31 inch 4K Samsung monitor with 99% of AdobeRGB space for $1300 but I listed here cheaper LG 4K monitor, so the trolls wouldn’t say anything about $300 difference. We already had 24 inch Wacom Cintiq. You can get 22 inches Cintiq for $1800, so I calculated that one instead. Everything total of about $10400, plus tax. Apple also had option for 12-core CPU with lower frequency, but it didn’t fit the budget of $10000, since we would have to pay $1500 more, which would be crazy. Is this now the ultimate desktop computer? Sad thing is that the CPU the Apple sells as of October 2016 is actually Intel Xeon manufactured in 2013. In three years they updated iPhone 3 times, and 0 times their desktop computer. In this PC i added two CPUs with total of 56 logical cores. It also has 64 GB of ECC RAM. I decided for 512 GB SSD.

Since there was enough space in the case I also made the same 4-disk RAID as on MacPro but I added hardware RAID controller, making it faster and more reliable than the mac one. This workstation has the latest nvidia GTX 1080 GPU. There is space for another one in the case, just in case. We also have 24 inch cintiq and 31-inch 4k LG monitor, with also 99% of Adobe RGB space. Total price of about $8700, so let’s add 3D mouse and HTC VIvie for $800, with a total of $9700. There’s a plugin for Premiere and AfterEffects that lets you edit videos with the VR headset, and that is $200 more, just so we can get closer to ten thousand dollars. I went with this CPU because this workstation will be ultimate 3D designer / Artist workstation, and 3D software can use all 56 cores on the system. “This is unprecedented! Secretary, Hold on my telegrams”. First, Photoshop benchmark. Since Photoshop can use all available cores, there’s a huge difference in performance.

PC is 380% faster than Mac Pro. It does not matter much for a single small image, but if you’re doing a batch job for Hasselblad photos, or frames of 360 footage, you will appreciate having job done in one hour, instead of four. You can compare results with your computer by downloading this benchmark from the link in the description. Premiere is not optimized for multi-core systems as you can see in the cpu monitor, so there is not much performance difference. A $2000 PC at 4GHz might be even faster than this one, after overclocking. “You are good good enouth. Put your doubts to rest. Remember, I love and approve of you” This is a benchmark of Maya viewport performance. It doesn’t matter that mac has two graphic cards, GTX in PC is five times faster. Now we major working on a complex scene with several million polygons. In the CPU rendering you can also see an enormous difference between these computers. If you have $10000 for a personal workstation, should you really go this crazy? Mac Pro has one cpu and two GPUs, while pc has 2 CPUs and one GPU. Some of you who watched my similar comparison video two years ago thought that that was not fair, so i have to note again that the baseline was the price.

What is the best that you can get for this amount of money; and it is also not my fault that Apple doesn’t make professional workstations with two cpus anymore, so the choice was limited. I also have to note that these machines are used here for 3D work mostly, so that is why I wanted more CPU cores rather than higher CPU frequency. In conclusion If you are someone who uses mostly Premiere or after effects you do not have to invest $10000 dollars into a workstation.

For adobe software I would rather get core i7 and 4 gigahertz and save several thousand dollars, but if you need to render with really software 24/7 get as many courses you can afford. Since you’re still here check out my One Commander file manager for Windows. It features the one thing from OS X then that doesn’t exist on Windows: columns view for directory hierarchy. You can also use it as dual pane file manager and then have compact columns view on top. it has tabs, favorite organizing in groups, spacebar to preview files, smart metadata, and it is available in white and dark themes it costs only $100 dollars… i’m joking, it’s free. All opinions here are my own and I’m not endorsed or paid by anyone to make this video.

Cheers! (Meow).

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