Averatec D1130EA1E-1 All-In-One Intel Desktop PC

Averatec D1130EA1E-1 All-In-One Intel Desktop PC

Hey, have a look at this. This just came in, a brand new All-In-One PC, from the folks at Averatec, and this is… This is interesting because it’s incredibly low cost. This is an inch screen on this thing, shares a lot of similarities with a lot of the Netbooks you see out there. Very similar specs, aside from the screen size and the fact that it’s not a little Netbook computer. In fact this thing comes in at you know, at less than 500$ and it’s extraordinary. It’s got an Atom Gigahertz processor, it’s got 1 GB of DDR2 RAM, a 160 GB hard drive, it’s got an inch screen, it has a DVD, Dual Layer, DVD-RW drive inside of it.

Comes with Windows XP preloaded, has… In fact let me just show you all around this thing ’cause it’s a really slick design. I mean, this is very nice. The screen is fully adjustable, you could move it into any position you’d like it to be in, to be able to see it from whatever angle, I mean look at that. It even folds down this way so you can look at it straight down, if you’d like. It’s a very very flexible design.

It does come with a wired keyboard and a wired mouse although I’ll tell you what: This thing is really dying for a wireless keyboard and mouse which you can throw in there, no problem obviously. Let me show you around. Take a look at this, on the front you’re going to see just a few buttons here along the front. These are for controlling your screen brightness, your volume, your mute, and you can actually quickly turn the LCD on and off. As you can see when I push that button, it turns off the LCD, but doesn’t turn off the computer which is, which is going to save you a lot of electricity, but also keep the computer ready to go, whenever you walk up to it, which is a really slick of the design. It also has the power button over here.

Over on the side, you’re going to find a couple of USB ports, as well as a 4 in 1 Memory Card Reader right here. That 4 in 1 Memory Card is going to do SD, it’s going to XD, it’s going to Memory Stick, all right there. Over here, you’re going to find a VGA port, in case you want to hook up another monitor to it you do have that ability with this machine. Around the back, you’re going to find your Power port, your Ethernet, right here, and a few more USB ports for plugging in all of your peripherals and over on this side is where you’re going to find that Dual Layer DVD-RW drive, located right there. So, it’s all in a very small, very compact, very clean design from the folks at Averatec. I mean this is an impressive looking little computer, and what’s most impressive about it, is the price. Of course it’s not going to do, you know any of your 3D gaming and all that stuff, you know this is… Think of this as a Netbook but with a really big screen that you keep in your house.

It’s a perfect kitchen computer, perfect computer to throw on a coffee table somewhere, and at the price that it comes in at, it’s actually pretty realistic to think about putting this computer anywhere, that you think it might be nice to have a screen with access to TV listings, or recipes, webpages or whatever it is you want to get to, this is a really good choice. As I said, it does also have a web camera, built in right there. There’s a webcam integrated into the bezel, so you’re going to be able to do all of your video chatting and all that stuff with this machine as well, but all in all it’s an impressive design, it’s a great value, it’s really inexpensive compared to a lot of the All-In-One PCs out there, it’s got a nice big inch screen, which is something that’s actually rather impressive.

The screen quality is very very nice, it looks really good. This is a really cool computer. Brand new, these just came out, and they are available now… And you know, if you’re in the market for something like this, that might just go anywhere, I’d encourage you to get one because, they’re really nice. The Averatec All-In-One, Atom GHz PC, go have a look at this one. To get more information on this Averatec All-In-One PC go to any of the retailers that you see here and type in: A69-1800. For Computer TV, I’m Bauer. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved Channel: TigerDirectBlog.

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