Best Laptop 2016 – ENVY Laptop – HP Studios

Best Laptop 2016 – ENVY Laptop – HP Studios

Trends are in general a reflection of all of us, what some of us do influence what others become enamored with, so for us, we try to immerse ourselves and see into the future, see what’s going to be the next big thing. When we look at the different trends that influence the ENVY design, we really wanted to bring a little bit of embellishment, and we’ve done that with advanced materials.

We’ve optimized those materials, the aluminum, the glass filled resins to really reduce the weight of these notebooks. It comes with the latest sixth generation Intel Core processors, so you get excellent battery life and really great performance. The edge, edge glass just makes everything look sleek, you also have an option for 4K. It’s an IPS display which means you can look at it from every angle, and the screen looks beautiful, and the colors are really crisp. It’s definitely for someone who likes to get a lot of work done, but also really wants a great entertainment machine. We incorporate the Bang & Olufsen audio, the most premium audio you can have. And, it’s not just the sound and the quality of the sound, it is also the visual side of the sound. And so, the perforation is machined in, and it is almost lace like it’s perfect audio, but that nice visual balance. On the end of it we put a very nice chrome element, the inspiration from that was actually looking at sports car, and how the rear spoiler deployed.

It lifts the design, it has almost a precious quality that makes it look a little bit more like a piece of art. It’s a variety of different areas that basically are pushing us to new boundaries, trends never stand still..

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