Canon EOS Rebel T3i 600D 18MP DSLR Digital Camera [ Review ] | Get Fixed

Canon EOS Rebel T3i 600D 18MP DSLR Digital Camera [ Review ] | Get Fixed

What’s going on guys? Bendji D. Here from Get Fixed and today’s review is on the Canon EOS Rebel T3I. After three seconds of using this device, I was immediately intrigued by it. This was a major upgrade for me in terms of specification. My previous camera, the Nikon D3000 did pretty well in terms of taking pictures. With its 12 mega pixel sensor, the images come out quite sharp. But I knew I needed an upgrade. This camera is at least 10 years old, I know this because my dad gave it to me. To make matters worse, it does not record videos which is the main reason I wanted a camera.

The Canon EOS Rebel T3I comes with a 18-55 millimeter stock lens, which also comes with a built in image stabilizer to reduce the shaky handheld effect. I wouldn’t recommend using the stabilizer on the stock lens because it is very hard to pinpoint the difference when the stabilizer is turned on. The T3I contains a CMOS sensor which stands for Complementary Metal Oxide Silicon. It is ten times less sensitive than the CCD sensor. I know many people say the size of the sensor does not matter too much in terms of getting great quality images, but I still think the pixel counts plays a big role in sharpness. Here are some sample videos I took with the Canon T3I. I am currently using this and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus to record these videos, all I need now is good lighting. If you would like to see part two to this review where I show you the best settings to get great quality images no matter where you are, be sure to click the subscribe button and ill see you next week.

Any ways guys, Bendji D. Here from GET FIXED and I’m out. Peace..

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