DSLR Camera Stabilizer for Under $5 (Part 3: SHOOT) – Homemade Film School

DSLR Camera Stabilizer for Under $5 (Part 3: SHOOT) – Homemade Film School

[MUSIC] >> Speaker 1: We’ve just finished building our homemade square handheld rig and now it’s time to set it up, and put it in action. In case you missed it, you can watch the prep and the build to see how it was all put together, but I think we’re ready to start shooting. >> [MUSIC] >> Speaker 1: It’s time to attach your camera. This is a quarter inch machine bolt. This is the standard size that comes on your tripod, and fits into basically any camera in the world, as far as I know, in America. You’re gonna thread this through the bottom of the rig. But first, you’re gonna put the wing nut on it, facing upwards, cuz that’s what’s gonna tighten the camera down.

Now, it goes in through the bottom. This is the hole we drilled earlier. Then, the camera is going to get tjreaded right through there. That’s very important that this gets threaded all the way into the camera because, if you only get one or two threads, and you tighten this thing down, it could end up falling off. We’re going to tighten down the wing nut and it’s actually the pressure of the camera being held against this flat base that’s really holding it into place.

So you have a really secure connection. Our camera is on our rig, I’m ready to get out there and start shooting. Let’s go. Not only can you just get a really good grip on this thing, you could do some simpler shots that you might not have thought of where you’re actually simulating something else. Like if you don’t have a dolly, you could do a dolly shot by just moving it really slowly and just think in your mind, if this was on a dolly, what would the movement look like? But you’re really just hanging onto it and moving it really smoothly.

You can do the same thing instead of having a big expensive crane or a jib, you could do a similar shot. Because you can grab this on the top and you can start really low and then you can pivot and go high above your head because you have lots of place to grasp. Again, in your mind, imagine what would that movement looked like but you can just really do with your hands. >> [MUSIC] >> Speaker 1: You can attach your camera just on it’s own, or you can add on your accessories.

I’ve got the mic on here now, and I even drilled one more hole using the same machine screw to hold it on, I’ve got my preview monitor. So, you can keep adding onto this all you want. You can attach lights, you can attach whatever you want. So, that’s a lot of options you have to add onto this thing. >> [MUSIC] >> Speaker 1: So that’s it, now you have a great multifunctional rig for getting all kinds of great handheld shots and you only spend about $5.

Let me know what other rigs you wanna try and see me build for cheap, and as always, stay tuned every Tuesday for more homemade movies on Cinefix. Next week we are doing a shot for shot recreation of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer. >> [MUSIC].

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