How to Use Any Camera For Filmmaking

How to Use Any Camera For Filmmaking

This video is for anyone who thinks you need to buy an expensive camera in order to make good films. LG sent me this smartphone: The G4. Now I’ve added some audio gear and some lighting gear but for the rest of this episode I’ll be filming only with what you can see here. Starting now. Let’s say we’re doing a phone call scene. We could film it like this.

But the more time we spend finding a decent location and thinking about props the less work the camera has to do in order to get good results. So I think this phone call scene looks a whole lot better than the last one did. And if we want to take it to the next level then by expending some effort on the lighting then we can significantly reduce the gap between a cheap and expensive camera. Now I think this looks a lot better so let’s do a quick comparison. The original lighting which was just a couple of windows that happened to be there in the first place and now that we’ve spent some time setting up the lights so we have full control of the intensity, the color, and the position that light is coming from.

So then the key thing here is that we care more about what’s in front of the camera rather than the camera itself. And that is the key thing no matter what camera you use. So the other thing that’s important is audio. So before you even think about upgrading to a professional camera it’s worth making sure you’ve got your audio sorted out so it doesn’t sound like this. This is just very simple: just start with a microphone and get it on a boom pole so that it can be exactly what you want it. And then also a audio recorder so that you can set your levels to where you want them to be. And then you’ve pretty much got yourself a standard interview setup which you can use for short films and all sorts of stuff. Now color grading almost never solves problems on set but if you’ve already got your decent lighting and decent sound then grading can be the icing on the cake. Now I really thought I’d find some special tricks you can do to make the best of an unconventional camera but it’s remarkably similar to working with any other camera.

Now the total of equipment used in this video costs less than a Sony a7S so hopefully I’ve shown that you don’t need to spend loads of money on a camera in order to get decent results. Now I do realize that 2500 dollars still gets you quite a lot of film-making equipment so I will be doing a video which goes a lot cheaper. because really 95% of the film-making process is just completely separate from which equipment you’re using. So I think it comes down to this: If I had bought the same running shoes as an Olympic runner to what extent would that purchase help me in terms of becoming as fast as they are at running? My name is Simon Cade and this has been DSLRguide and I’ll see you next week..

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