IBM Unveil first workable graphene chip – This is REAL Genius

IBM Unveil first workable graphene chip – This is REAL Genius

We’ve said it before on 90 Second Science, but graphene has the possibility to revolutionise electronics. Compared to silicon chips, it could be far more capable, faster, cheaper, and more compact due to its incredible conductive properties and fine scale. Unfortunately that fine scale has so far been it’s downfall – minor production defects can ruin the chip’s extraordinary functionality. Which is mor or less the reason why, so far, no one’s managed to make a commercial graphene chip.

But it’s only a matter of time. And now computing giant IBM have demonstrated their advanced, integrated graphene circuit – the first time the single-atom-thick carbon-based wonder material has been manufactured into a near commercial grade component. This isn’t IBM’s first graphene prototype, they released their first proof-of-concept chips using graphene transistors a couple of years ago – but they performed poorly simply because they were poorly refined. The problem is that some of the switches get stuck in the ‘on’ position, rendering large parts of the circuit and it’s potential computing power useless. This latest incarnation is a significant step forward in perfecting the tech, although it’s not really been stretched.

It was used to text the SMS message IBM – but it did it 10,000 times better than any previous chip. Which is pretty impressive. If all you need to do is text IBM really quickly..

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