Intel DG31GL Motherboard

Intel DG31GL Motherboard

Alright you’re looking at the Intel DG31GL. This is going to be… How do you say, your more value oriented board. More for people on a budget. If you’re building a computer that’s going to go in a shop, or for your grandmother, it’s going to be perfect for that, Because it doesn’t have any of that extra stuff. If you’re not going to use those extra features, why would you pay extra money for them? Spend it on something else, spend it on some good… A nicer case, or nice dinner for you and your grandma, you just built her a computer, rather than giving her this big computer she’s never going to use, get her a more value oriented one, and get her some dinner, get some red lobster, get some of those cheddar biscuits.

They’re delicious. Alright. Check this out. Lets take a look at this board. You’re going to see right off the bat, zoom in on here. You can see that this is a very very very simple board. Now it is MicroATX which is a good thing, because you can put it in a very small case, now you’re going to see, one of the limiting factors on here, that you got to make sure that you know, you don’t get this if you want it, in fact there is not PCI express. You only have PCI on here. So that’s fine but you do have onboard graphics on here. You have the Intel GMA 3100, onboard graphics, which you will be using. It’s got a VGA output right there, Ok. Now I’ll go through the rest of it with you. PS2s for keyboard and mouse, grandma has that old keyboard and she’s not going to spend money on it because she’s on a limited income, and you know at fixed income this is a social security connection for your keyboard and your mouse.

It’s going to work fine, you don’t have to buy anything new, no USB stuff, you do have that VGA. You do have 4 USB ports, so that’s perfect. You have your 10100 ethernet, and you have 4 channel audio. Yes, 4. It’s kind of odd. It’s channel audio. Now, going back over to the front of the board. 775, which is great. Means you’re going to do all your Intels, now most likely you’re not going to be doing any Core 2 Extreme on here, but this will support anything up to 1333 MHz front side bus. You’d do all the Core 2 Duos all the Core 2 Quads, you can do the 45 NMs, anything up to 1333. You can also do your Penthion… Penthiums, and your Celerons will also fit on there. You have 2 DIMMs, right here, so up to 4 Gigs of RAM, 24 pin motherboard connector, if grandma’s still using those floppy drives, to play Oregon Trail – boom, right there.

Got it right there. You also have IDE, so if you have an old hard drive and you don’t want to upgrade that either, you just have a dead motherboard, right up your alley. It’s got the ID, you don’t need to get any hard drive, if you do, want to get a new hard drive, and you do want an eSATA, there it is, SATA 2. 3 gigabit per second, you get two of those right there on board. Now another thing that’s kind of important here is USBs. You have 2 headers down here for USBs, so you can add an additional four, on top of the 4 that are already inside, you also have a firewire header, an HD audio header, and of course you always get that amazing Intel name, so if you’re replacing an old motherboard, that had to go to the garbage, this is much better you’re going to get a 1 year warranty right out the bag but it’s probably going to last you for at least 5 to 10 years.

These things, literally, don’t die. Intel boards are very known for their reliability. They have a great name, great support, if you have any questions you can always call them. Really great board and again it’s MicroATX so it’ll fit in that tiny little case. It’s the Intel DG31GL, MicroATX motherboard. If you have any questions on it, email me. See you guys next time. For more information on the Intel DG31GL MicroATX motherboard, type in I69-2182 into the search engine of any of these major retailers. For Computer TV, I’m Albert. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved Channel: TigerDirectBlog

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