Averatec D1002UHCE-1 All-In-One Intel Desktop

Averatec D1002UHCE-1 All-In-One Intel Desktop

All right, today we’re gonna add another of Averatec’s all-in-one desktop PC, this one’s pretty cool. Now I’ve done these before, but this is a slightly different configuration, different processor, different memory, different hard-drive, the basic outside is the same, so you’re getting a 22 inch display, as you can see, it is very sweet looking, it is all-in-one, look at that thin profile. There is not a lot of fatness there, it’s very slim, very slender, and it packs a lot into this little pakage, you do see you have integrated webcam up here at the top, it’s very small, I don’t know if you can see it, but there it is, megapixel webcam integrated, very very nice setup, this is a 1680 by 1050 display, so 22 inch, that’s WSXGA, which is a wide-screen super-extended graphichs array, Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 in here, that’s a GHz Intel Duo Core, it’s a Core 2 Duo, it’s got 2 GB of DDR2, it can be expanded up to 4 GB.

320 GB hard-drive, if you look over here on this side you do have a DVD burner right there, let’s see if we can get some light on it, light, light, light where are you? there we go. DVD burner is integrated into it right down the side, it is one of those slipstream diversions, very small, you just slide it in, there’s no tray. Moving down, you do see you have inputs for your audio and your microphone, you have a multi-card reader, 2 USB ports and then a bunch of buttons for your volume and your monitor settings, and finally, the power button all the way down here at the bottom.

Now what’s really cool about this is the fact that it has an NVIDIA 8400 GS graphics chipset onboard, so you’re not stuck to just looking at windows like you’re here, you can actually play Hi-Def videos, whether it be off iTunes or off a DVD or any type of content you get that’s Hi-Def, whether it be 1080P or 720P, you would be able to play on here, no problem. Now, because it’s 1050 lines of resolution, a 1080P would be downscaled just a tiny bit, it would still look really good. 720P, on the other hand, would play completely natively, and there’s more. That’s right, more! Check it out! Gonna move to the back now, ‘cos this is where things get a little bit more interesting.

A lot of good stuff back here. First thing you’re gonna notice is right over here, you do have a TV tuner, okay? So that’s an NTSC and ATSC TV tuner, so that’s gonna do your analog over-the-year antenna and your digital over-the-year antenna, this would not do Clear Quam. So don’t try to get this as your regular TV ‘cos it’s not gonna work that great, it’ll still work but it’s gonna only give you one channel, that’s gonna be a problem, you won’t be able to change channels. That’s no good, but if you have an antenna whether it be digital or analog, it’s right up your alley.

You also have 4 USB ports, and that’s not all of them, there are still two on the other side, remember, on the side panel. So that’s six in full, that’s plenty. You do have a DVI output in case you do wanna go out, you have 10/100 Ethernet to complement your already good b/g WiFi 8that’s onboard, you have an optical SPDIF right there, that’s optic, very nice, if you wanna do surround sound, Channel-out to a reciever, a big TV, you can do that with one single cable, it’s called a poselin cable, in case you wanna do analog, you still have line-in and line-out, as well as microphone for your standard audio. So very nice package, you do see you have a very nice stand if you back a little on the counter there, you see you do have a very nice articulating stand. It does go up and down. You can tilt it, and on the back are all your licence keys over here, so you don’t need to worry about it.

And flipping it over, I would show you one last thing, but it’s over here, check this out. Looks like a pretty average good-looking wireless keyboard, and that’s pretty much what it is, but it has a little surprise waiting for you over here on this side, and that is its’ very own media Center remote control. Batteries included, I might add. A very nice little remote control, gives you the media center button in the middle, you can change channels, change the volume, you can actually even access files through here, a lot of good stuff on here. Live TV, DVD menu, guide, record TV, so if you wanna use this as a TV tuner or as a DVR, you can if you’re doing a ATSC or NTSC transmission off your cable, which is very nice.

Also included is a wireless mouse, so you’re pretty much ready to go, and what’s really cool, these synced up immediately, before Vista ever even started, this thing synced up no problem, so you can use them to do your initial Vista startup without any effort, no problems, And that’s pretty cool. Everything you need: Keyboard, mouse, computer, monitor, TV tuner, all-in-one package. You can use it as a media center, it can play HD content, you can use it as a regular PC, you can even do some mild gaming on it with the 8400 GS, you can play games like ‘Spore’ and ‘Counter-Strike’, ‘World of Warcraft’, simple games that aren’t really advanced would play with absolutely no problem and for a lot of people, that’s really a lot more than you might ever need, so this is a great little system, built-in ocular drive, it looks sharp, thin, slender, the Averatec all-in-one PC, if you have any questions on it email me, and I’ll see you guys next time. for more information about the Averatec all-in-one desktop type in 69-1001 into the search engines of any of these major retailers.


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