Best Laptops Under $600 [Gaming, i7, DDR4 RAM, SSD]

Best Laptops Under $600 [Gaming, i7, DDR4 RAM, SSD]

Today we bring you best Windows laptops which you can buy under $600.Under this budget you can expect pretty powerful laptop featuring i5 or i7 processor with Full HD screen, Nvidia or AMD dedicated graphics for gamers, DDR4 RAM and SSD for data transfer. When you are spending $600 you must be expecting quality laptops. With so much options available in the market it is very tough task to pick the best one. To help you all with this problem we are back with another video for the best laptops which you can get under $600.

All google searching and comparisons are done by us so sit back and pick the right one as per your need from our compilation. We have also added best buy links and article link in the description. Any changes made to this list we be updated in description and original article. With all this being said let’s get started. Our first entry is for gamers and power users and it is our top pick. This Acer Aspire E 15 is best selling gaming laptop of 2016.To prove product awesomeness you can check product rating from 1800 customer reviews on Amazon which is insane.

Almost everyone who bought this machine just loved it. So what makes it great for the price range? It is an Acer laptop, trusted and reliable brand. It cost around $550 and feature 6th generation i5 processor with inch Full HD screen. Latest 8 GB DDR 4 RAM can handle multi-tasking easily. It comes with 2 GB Nvidia Geforce 940 MX dedicated graphics card. Don’t get confused with Geforce 940 M GPU. In brief I can say performance of 2GB Geforce 940 MX is slightly better than 4GB Geforce 940 M GPU. So its 2GB Geforce 940 MX is huge thumbs up. Another positive is 256 GB SSD.

You might be thinking 256 GB storage space is very low as you have seen laptops with 500 GB or 1 TB storage space. Let me clear your doubt! This laptop features 256 GB SSD and other 1 TB featuring laptops have HDD. In short you are getting good deal with SSD, as SSD are 5 times faster than HDD and cost wise, 256 GB SSD is almost double the price of 1 TB HDD.

If you need more space which must be the case for gamers then you can buy 1 TB external hard drive on Amazon for $50 only. Check link in the description .If I have to buy laptop under $600 then I would pick this one. On the negative side 256 GB storage space is limited, combination of SSD+HDD could have been better. If gaming is not your priority and need a fast laptop then next entry is for you. This dell Inspirion model comes with 6th generation i7 processor whereas previous Acer laptop had an i5 processor. But dedicated graphics card is missing on this one. So not recommended for hardcore gamers but intel HD 520 integrated graphics is sufficient for casual games. Windows 10 Home is preinstalled and comes with latest 8 GB DDR 3 RAM. Full HD inch display provides great visuals. One more cool thing about display is that it has a touchscreen functionality. No SSD on this one instead you will get 1 TB HDD space for offline storage. If gaming is not your priority then this Dell laptop is worth considering. Next entry is the slight variation of the previous Dell Laptop.

If you are looking for gaming laptop with i7 Processor then Dell Inspirion i5559 will be a good option. This one comes with same configuration like the previous Dell Laptop except this one have 4 GB AMD Radeon R5 GPU. You might be thinking that 4GB graphics memory is twice our top pick with 2 GB Nvidia graphics and this Dell’s laptop 4GB GPU will be great . If you are thinking that you are wrong because 2GB Nvidia Geforce 940MX is much better than 4GB AMD Radeon R5 GPU. But Acer has an i5 processor and this one has an i7 processor. If you need powerful laptop with compact design means lesser weight than go for Acer Swift 3. As previous three laptops weigh more than 5 pounds but this acer laptop weight only pounds. Comes with 14 inch Full HD Display with pre-installed Windows 10. i5 processor with 8GB DDR4 RAM provides great performance. No HDD is provided but faster 256 SSD is there. You will love its Metal Design and fingerprint sensor is also included. It took very long to pick these 4 laptops and we hope, it helped you in choosing your next laptop. If you find any better laptop share it via comments below, we will add it to the video description.

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