LowSpecGamer: super low end Grand Theft Auto 5 mods!

LowSpecGamer: super low end Grand Theft Auto 5 mods!

It has been 3 months since my Grand Theft Auto 5 video and in yet in such a short time the modding scene has been working non stop modifying this game in some rather creative ways. And for us that means one thing: performance mods! This is the LowSpecGamer. Everyone uses mods to enhance pc games but we use them to make them look worse and I have gone and played through all the performance mods I could find, filtered the ones that do not work and brought you detailed instructions on how to install and play with them.

So forget about detailed water, draw distance and… uh… what is even this? Because we are going to make this game run… again… but this time lower. Disclaimer. As with most GTA5 mods we are going to modify the game. This means you can only use this in single player mode. If you try playing with mods online you will be banned. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Before we begin, we need to setup an special program in order to install any of these Mods. This program is called OpenIV. The download link is on the description Once you have installed the tool you will be shown a screen to select which game to mod, where you can pick GTA5 for windows. You will be asked to select the directory where the game is installed, for the steam version this is located at Program Files x86, Steam, Steamapps, Common, Grand Theft Auto 5.

Select this folder and OpenIV should give you a confirmation. All is well, select continue until the tool searches for the encryption key and opens the directory. Before we continue, it is highly recommended that you backup any files you modify so you can uninstall the mods if you want to without downloading the entire game again. Once you have done that go into edit mode, otherwise you can not change anything, and then tools, ASI Manager, install the ASI Loader and OpenIV.ASI. We are ready to mod. If you ever want to play online again you can select tools, ASI Manager and Uninstall these two. Don’t forget to restore modified files to their originals. All right. Done with the boring part.

Let’s install some mods. We are going to start with the super appropriately named GTA 5 for super low pc’s. This one is for all of you trying to play GTA5 on very old computers with like Intel HD graphics 3000 or lower and yes, I know there are plenty of you out there. God, so many. To install it from openIV go to the update directory, open update.rpf, common, data. Inside the Mod’s file there is a folder with the same structure: update, update.rpf, common, data. You need to drag and drop these files from the mod’s folder into OpenIV. Inside the mod’s files there is another folder called documents, inside of it is a custom super low effects, low resolution settings file for the game. Open it up in notepad and copy everything until the Video Card Description. Now, you need to open your GTA5 settings file located at documents, rockstar games, gta V Open up your settings file, select everything until the video card description and paste the new custom configuration.

You may ask: Why didn’t we just copy and override the settings file? Well, in my experience, if the video card description is wrong the game ignores the settings and brings the entire file back to default. To finish return to OpenIV, and select file, rebuild. Once you finish rebuilding the game you are ready to try out this mod. This Mod is excellent for those with weak GPUs, it disables all sorts of effects, forces a super low resolution… I mean… look at this thing! Isn’t it great? Furthermore, the draw distance is severely reduced which is mostly noticeable on planes like during the benchmark routine but otherwise you will rarely notice. And you thought the game looked odd on the last video… Well, hold on your keyboards because we are not even done. Next we have Super Low Settings. As the author clearly states this Mod is in very early stages but deserves a mention because of how much potential it has and the remarkable visuals it provides… you will see in a second.

There is a lot of things to install for this mod with plenty of options. I am going to pick the lowest available but feel free to experiment yourself. We start with the Grass folder inside the Mod. To install this part use openIV to open a file called x64i.rpf, then levels, gta5, props, procedural, c_proc1.rpf. Go back to the grass folder, pick a quality folder and drag the files inside to openIV. Next is timecycle. To install this return to the root GTA5 folder and navigate to update, update.rpf, common, data, timecycle. Back to the mod files I am going to pick the no water option and you are probably getting the hang of this already, you need to drag these files to the correct folder on openIV.

As of today the Trees folder has not been implemented, so finally go to the visual settings folder and then I am going to use the blocky pedestrian option. The visual settings file must be dragged to this folder in update, update.rpf, common, data. Finally, rebuild to save all the changes. As you probably guessed this Mod does some modification to elements such as grass and weather, as well as reducing certain things such as character’s hair.

One of the most remarkable changes is the pedestrians, which are all reduced to super low detail block models at any distance. A feast for the eyes indeed. Just… enjoy this sight for a moment. I love this mod. Finally we have HD Low End, which is a collection of different things to help run the game while actually looking somewhat good. Ignore the first folder, lower quality trees and grass… it’s empty and go to the second folder called one step further for low end. To install these files go to common.rpf, data and drag and drop grasslodsettings… then back on the root folder open a file called x64a.rpf and then data…

Drag and drop terraintessellation. Then we have a collection of custom setting files. I know there is a folder that says online but I am going to repeat this once again. If you have the ASI or any of the files installed you will be banned if you try to play online. So I am going to pick the normal folder and go for the extremelow config file. As we did before we are going to copy all the elements on the file until the video card description and copy them over our settings file. Then we have sweetfx… this will not change your performance but it will make the game look a little brighter and better, even on low resolutions. To install it you can drag and drop the contents of the sweetfx folder into the root GTA5 folder in openIV. Finally we have the visual settings and timecycle folder. This one goes on update, update.rpf, common, data. Drag, drop and we you are done. Time to rebuild. Once that is done we are ready to play. As you may notice sweet FX makes everything look shinny and interesting, even on low resolutions.

I kinda dig it. On this settings I rarely saw performance drops under 25 but yet I must warn you, there are some bugs here there, with transparent objects looking like they are solid… This will not affect gameplay but it will look a bit odd, like your vehicle is submerged into some sort of physic less liquid but hey… performance is good. That is all for this episode. I know I have been a little slow on the upload as of late but this videos take a surprising amount of work and I was without internet for a week. But I am already working on several highly requested videos so look forward to that. With that said, it’s time to talk about the last: The question of the giveaway was: What is the most extreme thing you have ever done to play an specific game? And the winner was this comment: When I got Portal 2, my graphics card wasn’t good enough to show me the colored gels you need to solve some puzzles; they were supposed to paint the surfaces blue or orange, but nothing was showing up.

So I had to memorize where I was putting the gels and which one I had put in order to win the game. The last level was a nightmare. Well done! I had such a great time reading all your stories, man you are some creative people. In fact, that was so fun that I wish we could do another one… Hey, let’s do just that: Let’s being the second: This time the prize is a steam copy of Battle Block theatre, donated by one of you guys for a giveaway. All you have to do to participate is to subscribe and leave a comment or send me a tweet answering the following question: What is the lowest framerate with which you have ever defeated a video game boss? For example. Back in the day I remember beating the final boss of Metal Gear Solid 2 on something around 12 to 15 FPS. It was hell. I will put any good answers on a list and from there pick a winner at random soon.

See you on the next video..

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